E authors

Authors with names starting with E

  1. H Ebert, Hermann von Helmholtz (Stuttgart, 1949).

  2. J Echeverria, A Ibarra and T Mormann (eds.), The Space of mathematics : philosophical, epistemological, and historical explorations (Berlin, 1992).

  3. H M Edwards, Fermat's last theorem : A genetic introduction to algebraic number theory (New York, 1977).

  4. R Einhorn, Vertreter der Mathematik und Geometrie an den Wiener Hochschulen 1900-1940 (Vienna, 1985).

  5. G Elfving, The history of mathematics in Finland 1828-1918 (Helsinki, 1981).

  6. F Engel and P Stäckel, Die Theorie der Parallelinien von Euklid bis auf Gauss (1968, reprint of 1895).

  7. H Eves, An introduction to the history of mathematics (Philadelphia, 1990).

  8. H Eves, Great moments in mathematics (after 1650) (Washington, D.C., 1981).

  9. W Ewald (ed.), From Kant to Hilbert : a source book in the foundations of mathematics (Oxford, 1996).

  10. J Ewing (ed.), A Century of mathematics : through the eyes of the `Monthly' (Cambridge, 1996).

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