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Authors with names starting with L

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  9. S Lavine, Understanding the infinite (Cambridge, Mass., 1994).

  10. F Le Lionnais, Les grands courants de la pensee mathematique (Paris, 1962).

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  13. J K Lenstra, A H G Rinnooy Kan and A Schrijver (eds.), History of mathematical programming : a collection of personal reminiscences (Amsterdam, 1991).

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  15. U Lindgren, Die Artes liberales in Antike und Mittelalter : bildungs- und wissenschaftsgeschichtliche Entwicklungslinien (Munich, 1992).

  16. J B Lindsay, The chrono-astrolabe : containing a full set of astronomic tables, with rules and examples for the calculation of eclipses and other celestial phenomena : comprising also plane and spherical trigonometry, and the most copious list of ancient eclipses ever published (Dundee, 1858).

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  23. R P Lorch, Arabic mathematical sciences : instruments, texts, transmission (Aldershot, 1995).

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  25. G Loria, Il passato e il presente delle principali teorie geometriche (Padua, 1931).

  26. G Loria, Storia delle matematiche (Turin, 1929-35).

  27. L Lumiste and J Peetre (eds.), Edgar Krahn, 1894-1961 : a centenary volume (Amsterdam, 1994).

  28. J Lutzen, Joseph Liouville, 1809-1882, master of pure and applied mathematics (New York, 1990).

  29. J Lutzen, The prehistory of the theory of distributions (New York, 1982).

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