N authors

Authors with names starting with N

  1. J Nass and H L Schmid, Mathematisches Wörterbuch (Berlin, 1961).

  2. J Needham, Science and civilisation in China : Vol.3: Mathematics and the sciences of the heavens and the earth (Cambridge, 1959).

  3. L Nemeth, The two Bolyais, The new Hungarian quarterly 1 (1)(1960).

  4. C Neumann et al., Leipziger mathematische Antrittsvorlesungen : Auswahl aus den Jahren 1869-1922 (Leipzig, 1987).

  5. J R Newman (ed.), The world of mathematics (New York, 1956).

  6. N Nielsen, Géomètres francais sous la révolution (Copenhagen, 1929).

  7. E Noel (ed.), Le Matin des mathematiciens : entretiens sur l'histoire des mathematiques (Paris, 1985).

  8. Ecole normale supérieure (eds.), L'Oeuvre de Louis Couturat (1868-1914) - de Leibniz à Russell (Paris, 1983).

  9. L Novy, Origins of modern algebra (Prague, 1973).

  10. M J Nye, J L Richards and R H Stuewer (eds.), The Invention of physical science : intersections of mathematics, theology, and natural philosophy since the seventeenth century : essays in honor of Erwin N. Hiebert (Dordrecht, 1992).

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