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Authors with names starting with W

  1. R Wagner, Gesprache mit Carl Friedrich Gauss in den letzten Monaten seines Lebens (Göttingen, 1975).

  2. G Waldo Dunnington (ed.), Carl Friedrich Gauss : inaugural lecture on astronomy and papers on the foundations of mathematics (Baton Rouge, 1937).

  3. P Wallis and R Wallis, Mathematical tradition in the north of England (Consett, Durham, 1991).

  4. P J Wallis, George Gargrave and his manuscript book (Washington, 1970).

  5. A Weil, Number theory : An approach through history : from Hammurapi to Legendre (Boston, 1984).

  6. A Weil, Zahlentheorie : ein Gang durch die Geschichte : von Hammurapi bis Legendre (Basel, 1992).

  7. D T Whiteside, The mathematical principles underlying Newton's 'Principia mathematica' : being the ninth Gibson lecture in the history of mathematics delivered within the University of Glasgow on 21st October 1969 (Glasgow, 1970).

  8. L L Whyte, Roger Joseph Boscovich, 1711-1787 : studies of his life and work on the 250th anniversary of his birth (London, 1961).

  9. H Wieleitner, Geschichte der Mathematik (Leipzig, 1908-21).

  10. N Wiener, Ex-prodigy : my childhood and youth (Cambridge, Mass., 1979).

  11. N Wiener, I am a mathematician : the later life of a prodigy : an autobiographical account of the mature years and career of Norbert Wiener (Garden City, N.Y., 1956).

  12. M R Williams, A history of computing technology (Englewood Cliffs, 1985).

  13. F Willmoth, Sir Jonas Moore : practical mathematics and Restoration science (Woodbridge, 1993).

  14. D B Wilson (ed.), The correspondence between Sir George Gabriel Stokes and Sir William Thomson, Baron Kelvin of Largs (Cambridge, 1990).

  15. A M Wilson, The infinite in the finite (Oxford, 1995).

  16. E Winter, E W von Tschirnhaus und die Fruhaufklarung in Mittel- und Osteuropa (Berlin, 1960).

  17. E J Winter, Leben und geistige Entwicklung des Sozialethikers und Mathematikers Bernard Bolzano, 1781-1848 (Stuttgart, 1967).

  18. J Wood Brown, An enquiry into the life and legend of Michael Scot (Edinburgh, 1897).

  19. H Wussing, Carl Friedrich Gauss (Leipzig, 1974).

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