AMS Conant Prize

Levi L Conant Prize of the AMS

This prize is:-
... to recognize the best expository paper published in either the Notices of the AMS or the Bulletin of the American Mathematical Society in the preceding five years.
The award was endowed though funds provided by the will of the Worcester Polytechnic Institute mathematician Levi L Conant which came to the American Mathematical Society on the death of Conant's wife.

2001 Carl Pomerance

... for his paper "A Tale of Two Sieves".
2002 Elliott H Lieb and Jakob Yngvason
... for their article "A Guide to Entropy and the Second Law of Thermodynamics".
2003 Nicholas Katz and Peter Sarnak
... for their expository paper "Zeroes of zeta functions and symmetry".
2004 Noam D Elkies
... for his enlightening two-part article "Lattices, Linear Codes, and Invariants".
2005 Allen Knutson and Terence Tao
... for their stimulating article "Honeycombs and Sums of Hermitian Matrices".
2006 Ronald Solomon
... for his article "A Brief History of the Classification of the Finite Simple Groups".
2007 Jeffrey Weeks
... for his article "The Poincare Dodecahedral Space and the Mystery of the Missing Fluctuations".
2008 J Brian Conrey
... for his article "The Riemann Hypothesis"
2008 Shlomo Hoory, Nathan Linial, and Avi Wigderson
... for their article "Expander graphs and their applications".
2009 John Morgan
... for his article, "Recent Progress on the Poincaré Conjecture and the Classification of 3-Manifolds".

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