LMS Pólya Prize

The Pólya Prize of the London Mathematical Society

The Pólya Prize is awarded in memory of Professor G. Pólya, who was a Member (and later Honorary Member) of the Society for about 60 years. It is awarded in those years, not numbered by a multiple of three, in which the De Morgan Medal is not available for award. The Pólya Prize is awarded in recognition of outstanding creativity in, imaginative exposition of, or distinguished contribution to, mathematics within the United Kingdom. It may not be awarded to any person who has previously received the De Morgan Medal.

1987 J H Conway
1988 C T C Wall
1990 G B Segal
1991 I G Macdonald
1993 D Rees
1994 D Williams

1996 D E Edmunds
1997 J M Hammersley
1999 S K Donaldson
2000 T J Lyons
2002 N J Hitchin
2003 A J Macintyre

2005 M V Berry
2006 H P F Swinnerton-Dyer
2008 D Preiss
2009 R Heath-Brown
2011 E B Davies

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