December posters

Posters for December

Here are the posters available for each day of December.
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  1. Lobachevsky, Hardy
  2. Brouwer
  3. Felix Bernstein
  4. Omar Khayyam, Hobbes
  5. Painlevé, Heisenberg
  6. von Dyck, Schmidt
  7. Kronecker, Cremona
  8. Hadamard, Boole, Chebyshev
  9. Whiston, Hopper
  10. Jacobi, Lovelace
  11. Born, Emile Picard
  12. Sylow, Erdélyi
  13. Pólya, Tartaglia, Viète
  14. Brahe, Brioschi
  15. Bolyai
  16. Bunyakovsky, Radon
  1. Châtelet, Lie, Thomson
  2. Montucla, Bolzano, Chasles
  3. Brillouin, Wielandt, Mirsky
  4. Artin
  5. Gordan
  6. Hölder, Ramanujan, Poncelet
  7. Sang
  8. Hermite, Lasker
  9. Zygmund, Newton
  10. Somerville, Babbage
  11. Kepler, Jacob Bernoulli
  12. Eddington, von Neumann
  13. Hensel, Taylor, Kronecker
  14. Whitehead, Hall
  15. van Ceulen, Flamsteed, Stieltjes

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