September posters

Posters for September

Here are the posters available for each day of September.
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  1. Mersenne
  2. Fréchet, Thom, Hamilton
  3. Sylvester, Lefschetz
  4. Bruns
  5. Montucla
  6. Littlewood
  7. Buffon, Sylow, Pólya
  8. Mersenne, Heawood, Liouville
  9. Morley, Puiseux, Bouquet
  10. Châtelet
  11. Jeans, Casorati, Teichmüller
  12. Curry, Bôcher
  13. Carathéodory
  14. Vinogradov, Cassini, Boone
  15. al-Biruni
  1. Jeans, Shields
  2. Condorcet, Riemann
  3. Legendre, Euler
  4. Delambre, Coriolis
  5. Pasch, Erdös
  6. Cardan
  7. Sturm
  8. Wallace, Le Verrier, Bruns
  9. Cardan, Max Noether
  10. Salmon, Lambert
  11. Möbius, Grassmann
  12. Hahn
  13. Maupertuis
  14. Steinitz, Engel
  15. Hellinger

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