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  1. Savart biography
  2. Helmholtz biography
  3. Petzval biography
  4. Lissajous biography
  5. Euler biography
  6. Ohm biography
  7. Vitruvius biography
  8. Weber biography
  9. Rocard biography
  10. Fubini biography
  11. Gergonne biography
  12. Rayleigh biography
  13. Jeans biography
  14. Keller Joseph biography
  15. Fredholm biography
  16. Deans biography
  17. Mersenne biography
  18. Duhamel biography
  19. Khruslov biography
  20. Morawetz biography
  21. Lighthill biography
  22. Snedecor biography
  23. Crighton biography
  24. Lamb biography
  25. Xenocrates biography

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  1. Mathematics and Architecture

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  1. Paris Academy of Sciences


  1. Copley Medal


  1. References for Ohm
  2. References for Mersenne
  3. References for Hooke
  4. References for Grassmann
  5. References for Helmholtz

Additional material

  1. H L F Helmholtz: 'Theory of Music' Introduction
  2. Horace Lamb addresses the British Association in 1904
  3. Mathematicians and Music 2.2
  4. Mathematicians and Music 3
  5. Mathematicians and Music
  6. George Temple's Inaugural Lecture II
  7. Landau and Lifshitz Prefaces
  8. George Temple's Inaugural Lecture I
  9. Mersenne's Publications
  10. Mathematics in Aberdeen
  11. Ball papers


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  1. Edinburgh Mathematical Society Lecturers 1883-2016

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  1. Dublin

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