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  1. Bloch biography
  2. Herigone biography
  3. Germain biography
  4. Scheiner biography
  5. Le Fevre biography
  6. Germain biography
  7. Germain (print-only)
  8. Godement biography
  9. Hardy Claude biography
  10. Dudeney biography
  11. Jordan Pascual biography
  12. Folie biography
  13. Fabri biography
  14. Hausdorff biography
  15. D'Ocagne biography
  16. Feldbau biography
  17. Spitzer biography
  18. Dodgson biography
  19. Abbott biography
  20. Bourbaki biography
  21. Robins biography
  22. Graham biography
  23. De L'Hopital biography
  24. Loday biography
  25. Plana biography
  26. Shelah biography
  27. Canard biography
  28. Emerson biography
  29. Rennie biography
  30. Bolza biography

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  1. Bourbaki 1

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  1. Flatland' Second Edition Preface
  2. Geary and Gosset
  3. Dubreil-Jacotin on Mary Somerville
  4. Dubreil-Jacotin on Sophie Germain


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