Constitution of the BMC

  1. There shall be standing committee of the British Mathematical Colloquium (BMC), called the Scientific Committee, responsible for the medium and long-term development of the BMC, and for strategic issues.

  2. Each meeting of the BMC shall have an Organising Committee, comprising members of the Department hosting the meeting of the BMC. The Organising Committee shall be responsible for running its BMC. Its responsibilities shall include:

    1. the financial management of its British Mathematical Colloquium including application for financial support and underwriting of costs;

    2. invitation of plenary speakers and morning speakers;

    3. the arrangement of special sessions;

    4. development of and coordination with satellite meetings;

    5. the holding of an Annual General Meeting in the course of its BMC.

    It shall carry out these responsibilities in full consultation with the Scientific Committee.

  3. The Chair of the Organising Committee shall be Chair of the relevant BMC, and shall chair the Annual General Meeting at that BMC.

  4. The Scientific Committee shall have fourteen members, including the Chairman. The members other than the Chairman shall be:

    1. two members (usually the Chair and Treasurer) of each of three Organising Committees, to serve from 1 June, 34 months before their BMC, until 31 May following their BMC;

    2. three members nominated by the London Mathematical Society to serve (usually) for three years, from 1 June of one year to 31 May of another year;

    3. two members nominated by the Edinburgh Mathematical Society to serve (usually) for three years, from 1 June of one year to 31 May of another year;

    4. one member, elected from the floor at an Annual General Meeting of a BMC, to serve for one year from the end of one Annual General Meeting to the end of the next Annual General Meeting;

    5. one member of the organizing committee of a particular BMC, to serve from the end of that BMC until the end of the next meeting of the Scientific Committee, to report to the Scientific Committee on their BMC.

  5. The Scientific Committee shall have a Chairman, not a member of the current Organising Committee, who shall serve for three years. The Chairman shall be elected at an Annual General Meeting of a BMC. The Scientific Committee is expected to make at least one nomination for this position, to be published at least two weeks in advance of the relevant AGM.

  6. The Scientific Committee shall meet twice a year, once during a BMC (after the AGM), and once in September/October.

  7. At its BMC meeting, the Scientific Committee's business should include:

    1. consideration of plenary speakers for the BMC two years hence;

    2. a review of plans for the BMC in the following year, including consideration of morning speakers.

    The Scientific Committee should advise the organizing committees on matters such as special sessions, morning lectures, and other new developments.

  8. At its September/October meeting, the Scientific Committee should review strategy in a proactive way, encouraging and developing new ideas and initiatives, and should advise organizing committees accordingly.

  9. The London Mathematical Society (LMS) shall be asked to provide support for the Chair of the Scientific Committee, to keep copies of the minutes and other records, and to help with the transition of papers from one Chair to the next.

  10. The LMS shall be asked to meet the costs of the September/October meeting. This will usually, but not always, be held in De Morgan House, London.

May 2004