5th October

Mathematicians who were born or died on 5th October

Mathematicians born on this day:

1732 : Maskelyne
1781 : Bolzano
1861 : Heath
1898 : Franklin
1930 : Selten
1932 : Bass

Mathematicians who died on this day:

1565 : Ferrari
1761 : Gabriele Manfredi
1777 : Segner
1906 : Boltzmann
1909 : Stringham
1972 : Lefschetz
1985 : Menger
1985 : Harald Cramér
1986 : Wilkinson
2009 : Gelfand

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Bernard Bolzano Ludwig Boltzmann Solomon Lefschetz

A quotation for today

Solomon Lefschetz (1884 - 1972)

Lefschetz valued independent thinking and originality above everything. He was, in fact, contemptuous of elegant or rigorous proofs of what he considered obvious points. He once dismissed a clever new proof of one of this theorems by saying, "Don't come to me with your pretty proofs. We don't bother with that baby stuff around here." Legend had it that he never wrote a correct proof or stated an incorrect theorem. His first comprehensive treatise on topology, a highly influential book in which he coined the term "algebraic topology," "hardly contains one completely correct proof. It was rumored that it had been written during one of Lefschetz' sabbaticals ... when his students did not have the opportunity to revise it."
Sylvia Nasar, A Beautiful Mind, 1998.

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