8th March

Mathematicians who were born or died on 8th March

Mathematicians born on this day:

1566 : Biancani
1788 : William Hamilton
1851 : Chrystal
1865 : Vessiot
1920 : Batchelor
1928 : Davis

Mathematicians who died on this day:

1688 : Fabri
1941 : Drach
1974 : Hazlett
1985 : Goodstein
1988 : McVittie

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George Chrystal Honoré Fabri William Hamilton

A quotation for today

George Chrystal (1851 - 1911)

The teaching of Algebra in the early stages ought to consist of a gradual generalisation of Arithmetic; in other words, Algebra ought, in the first instance to be taught as Arithmetica Universalis in the strictest sense.

Preface to Algebra (1886)

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