Edinburgh Mathematical Society: Death of D E Rutherford

The following is an extract from the minutes of the second ordinary meeting of the Edinburgh Mathematical Society held on Friday 11 November 1966:

D E Rutherford

Before proceeding to the ordinary business of the meeting, the Chairman (Dr Fulton) referred to the sudden death of Professor D E Rutherford and invited Dr Etherington to pay tribute to his work for the Society and for mathematics in Scotland.

Dr Etherington spoke of Professor Rutherford's service, twice as President and as a valued member of the Committee over many years, and more particularly of his work in the organization of many colloquia. But his influence extended beyond this. At his own University of St Andrews, he was vigorous, both in promoting new courses that were desirable - often learning the subject himself for this purpose - and in varied fields of research. Many studies, research projects and publications owed their conception and development to discussion with students and friends who enjoyed hospitality at his home or at his holiday cottage in Glen Lyon. He played a decisive part in the development of the well-known series of University Mathematical Texts and, later, of University Mathematical Monographs. He had a passionate belief in the quality of Scottish mathematics and was ready at any time to support it by giving of his own energy and ability.

Dr Etherington proposed that a letter of sympathy to Mrs Rutherford be sent on behalf of the Society. The President said that he would ensure that this was done.

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