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  1. Ahmes (1680 BC-1620 BC)
  2. Dionysodorus (about 250 BC-about 190 BC)
  3. Otto Neugebauer (1899-1990)
  4. László Filep (1941-2004)
  5. Asger Aaboe (1922-2007)
  6. Eratosthenes (276 BC-194 BC)

History Topics

  1. Egyptian mathematics
  2. Egyptian Papyri
  3. Greek sources I
  4. Squaring the circle
  5. References for Egyptian Papyri
  6. Mathematical games
  7. Egyptian numerals
  8. References for Egyptian mathematics
  9. Greek sources II
  10. Cartography
  11. Pi history
  12. References for Greek astronomy
  13. Euclid's definitions
  14. Pi chronology
  15. Ptolemy Manuscript
  16. Alcuin's book
  17. References for Greek sources I

Societies etc

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  1. References for Ahmes

Additional material

  1. Smith's History Papers
  2. Teixeira books
  3. Smith's Teaching Books
  4. Heinrich Tietze on Numbers, Part 2
  5. Graves's papers
  6. The Samarkand Observatory


  1. fname.html
  2. A quotation by Ahmes

Famous Curves

  1. Circle


  1. Chronology for 30000BC to 500BC
  2. Mathematical Chronology

EMS Archive

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BMC Archive

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Gazetteer of the British Isles

  1. London Museums

Astronomy section

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