Papers by Robert J T Bell in the
EMS Proceedings and Notes

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The locus of the straight lines which intersect three given lines Vol 28 (1909) 60-61
The Factors of ( a, b, c, f, g, h)( x, y, z)2 - λ( x2 + y2 + z2) Vol 28 (1909) 62-63
A method of finding i) the double points of a unicursal curve and ii) unicursal quartics with three given double points Vol 31 (1912) 35-48
An area proof of the proposition If AB is divided equally at C and unequally at D, then AD2 + DB2 = 2AC2 + 2CD2 Vol 38 (1919) Notes
Note on geometric series Notes: 6 (1910)
An interesting example in curve tracing Notes: 10 (1912)
The equation of the polar of a point with respect to a circle Notes: 13 (1913)
Note on the perpendicular generators of a hyperboloid of one sheet Notes: 15 (1914)
Note on the principal axes of a normal section of a cylinder which envelopes an ellipsoid Notes: 15 (1914)
Geometrical proof of a trigonometrical identity Notes: 17 (1915)
The distance of a point from a given line Notes: 18 (1915)
On the solutions of d2u/dt2 + P(du/dt) + Qu = 0 Notes: 19 (1915)
On the direction-cosines of the axes of the conicoid f(x, y, z) = ax2 + by2 + cz2 + 2fyz + 2gzx+2hxy = 1 Notes: 20 (1916)
A proof of the addition theorem in trigonometry Notes: 23 (1925)

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