Papers by Alexander Burgess in the
EMS Proceedings and Notes

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Theorems in connection with lines drawn through a pair of points parallel and antiparallel to the sides of a traingle Vol XX (1901) 6-7
Notes on Antireciprocal Points Vol 21 (1902) 88-95
On the orthoptic locus of the semi-cubical parabola Vol 23 (1904) 79-79
Theorems connected with Simson's Line Vol 24 (1905) 125-127
Concurrency of lines joining vertices of a triangle to opposite vertices of triangles on its sides Vol 32 (1913) 58-64
Determinants connected with the Periodic Solutions of Mathieu's Equations Vol 33 (1914) 122-138
Angles between the medians and sides of a triangle Vol 38 (1919) Notes
A method of graphing freedom equations Notes: 2 (1909)
Ptolemy's theorem and certain trigonometrical formulae Notes: 4 (1910)
Geometrical proof of a trigonometrical identity Notes: 18 (1915)
To draw a circle which cuts three circles at the ends of the diameters of these circles Notes: 19 (1915)

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