Papers by Lawrence Crawford in the
EMS Proceedings and Notes

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On the use of the hyperbolic sine and cosine in connection with the hyperbola Vol XIII (1894) 153-155
The trisection of a given angle Vol XVI (1897) 42-45
On the second solutions of Lamé's equation {description} Vol XVI (1897) 57-60
On the evaluation of a certain determinant Vol XVIII (1899) 25-27
The general equation of a Geodesic on a surface of revolution applied to the sphere Vol XIX (1900) 57-61
A proof of Rodrigues' theorem sin nx = [n/1.3.5. ... .(2n-1)] [(1/sinx d/dx]n-1sin2n-1x and some expansions derived from it Vol XX (1901) 11-15
Note on a property of circulating decimals with an even number of repeating figures equivalent to a vulgar fraction with a prime number a1s denominator Vol XX (1901) 31-32
On the equation c2 = a2 + b2 Notes: 3 (1909)
Direction-cosines of the axes of the conicoid ax2 + by2 + cz2 + 2fyz + 2gzx + 2hxy = 1 Notes: 21 (1916)

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