Papers by Archibald Milne in the
EMS Proceedings and Notes

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On the equation of the parabolic cylinder functions Vol 32 (1913) 2-14
On the roots of the confluent hypergeometric functions Vol 33 (1914) 48-64
Note on the Peano-baker method of solving linear differential equations Vol 34 (1915) 41-44
A problem in probability Vol 39 (1920) Notes
Obituary: Cargill G. Knott, D.Sc, LL.D., F.R.S. Vol 40 (1921) 50-51
A first lesson in algebra Notes: 3 (1909)
A new form of Boyle's law tube Notes: 6 (1910)
Note on right-angled triangles Notes: 8 (1911)
Geometrical construction for refracted ray Notes: 10 (1912)

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