Meeting of 8 December 1893

Location: Edinburgh Institution, Edinburgh

Chair: Alison, John

Steggall, John Edward Aloysius: "Note on the number of numbers less than a given number and prime to it", {Title in minutes: "Note on an Elementary Proposition in the Theory of Numbers"}
Steggall, John Edward Aloysius: "Geographical models"
McCowan, John: "On ridge lines and lines connected with them", [Title]
[This paper is printed in the Philosophical Magazine, Vol. XXXVII (5th series) pp. 227-237 (1894)]
Sprague, Thomas Bond: "A few remarks on the geometrical interpretation of a particular imaginary expression", {Small remark, not listed anywhere as a paper}

Edward, Alexander
Holm, Alexander
Holm, James
Kippen, John W
Lamont, Daniel
Malcolm, William
Pinkerton, Peter
Shand, Alexander
Walker, Samuel

John E A Steggall exhibited two models to illustrate his paper on geographical models.
Arthur John Pressland intimated that Mr Langley of Bedford proposed to start a mathematical journal for schoolboys.
Frank Spence found himself unable to serve as a member of committee and was replaced by William James Macdonald.

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