Meeting of 11 January 1901

Location: Edinburgh Institution, Edinburgh

Chair: Duthie, George

Allardice, Robert Edgar: "On the nine-point conic"
Jack, John: "Tangents to a conic (or to confocal conics)at right angles meet on a circle", [Title]
Mair, David Beveridge: "The nth root of a prime number cannot be the root of an equation of degree less than n with rational coefficients"

Edward, James M

John Edward Aloysius Steggall explained that the mathematical papers of the late Dr McCowan had been handed over to him "for examination with a view to their ultimate publication". It was agreed that Professor Steggall should consult with George Alexander Gibson. The society hoped that some of Dr McCowan's papers could first of all be published in the Proceedings.
George Duthie gave notice of a motion as to the sum to be drawn annually from Life-Membership subscriptions.
Donald Cameron McIntosh suggested they increase the amount of Life-membership subscription.

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