Meeting of 13 November 1903

Location: Edinburgh Institution

Chair: Third, John Alexander

Collignon, Édouard: "Remarques sur l'intégration des fonctions alphancos alpha dalpha, alphansin alpha dalpha"
Gibson, George Alexander: "Note on M. Collignon's paper on the integration of alphancos alpha dalpha and alphansin alpha dalpha"
Thomson, William L: "A note on a theorem in double series", [Title]

Financial report:
145 annual subscriptions had been received.
Capital account: 16/8/2
Cash account: 5/8/11 1/2
Total: 21/17/1 1/2

During the year, the society had received the following donations:
From Dr J S Mackay: 3/10
From Dr J A Third: 2
From Dr T B Sprague: 10
Total: 15/10

President: Tweedie, Charles
Vice-President: Thomson, William L
Secretary: McIntosh, Donald Cameron
Treasurer: Archibald, James

Editors of Proceedings:
Lindsay, William Anderson
Turner, John

Third, John Alexander
Macdonald. John Angus
Burgess, Alexander George
Pinkerton, Peter

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