Meeting of 8 November 1912

Location: Edinburgh Institution

Chair: Sommerville, Duncan M Y

Carslaw, Horatio Scott: "Integral equations and the determination of Green's functions in the theory of potential"
Edwardes, F F: "On the expansion of (1 + z2/2! + z3/3! + ...)-n in positive integral powers of z, when n is a large positive integer"
Swaminarayan, J C: "A determinantal proof of Ptolemy's theorem", [Title]

Financial report:
160 1/3 annual subscriptions had been received.
Capital account: 111/1/2
Cash account: 12/17/0
Total: 125/18/2

President: Burgess, Alexander George
Vice-President: Miller, John
Honorary Secretary: Comrie, Peter
Honorary Treasurer: Russell, Alexander Durie

Editors of Proceedings:
Bell, Robert J T
McArthur, Neil

Editor of Mathematical Notes:
Pinkerton Peter

Sommerville, Duncan M Y
McBride, James A
Leighton, Alexander
Horsburgh, E M

Library Committee:
Gibb, David
Williamson, Erskine D
Comrie, Peter

The librarians report showed that 32 periodicals had been received in exchange for the society's Proceedings, and that 12 books and pamphlets had been presented to the society by their authors. 134 volumes had been bound at a cost of 10/2/0. It was agreed to continue this work.

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