Meeting of Friday 11 December 1914

Location: Glasgow University

Chair: Whittaker, Edmund Taylor

Thompson, A W H: "The geometry of space", [Title] {Communicated by Thomas M MacRobert}
Whittaker, Edmund Taylor: "On a class of differential equations whose solutions satisfy integral equations"
Dougall, John: "A theorem on the contact of circles leading up to the theorems of Feuerbach and Hart"

Butchart, Raymond K
Dunbar, Robert T
Ford, Lester R
Smeal, Glenny
Thompson, A W H
Watson, G N

George D C Stokes was appointed Editor of Mathematical Notes in place for Peter Pinkerton who had resigned.

Duncan M Y Sommerville resigned the joint editorship of the Proceedings on his appointment to the chair of mathematics in Wellington, New Zealand. It was left to the committee to nominate a successor.

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