Meeting of Friday 7 December 1923

Location: Glasgow University

Chair: Stokes, George D C

MacRobert, Thomas M: "Expansions in series of spherical harmonics"
Blades, Robert F: "Direct proofs of theorems in elementary geometry", [Mathematical Notes no 22]
Aitken, Alexander Craig; Frewin, G L: "The numerical evaluation of double integrals"
Copson, Edward Thomas: "On a linear partial differential equation of hyperbolic type", [Proceedings, session 41 (22/23)]

Aitken, Alexander Craig
Blades, Robert F
Darwin, Charles G
Drummond, George H
Frewin, G L
Prasad, Gorakh
Simpson, Mary C

Mr James Bolam was proposed for honorary membership, "in recognition of his distinguished service to Science, and of his membership of the Society for more than 40 years."

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