Meeting of Friday 6 March 1925

Location: the Mathematical Classroom, Glasgow University

Chair: Gibson, George Alexander

MacRobert, Thomas M: "The addition theorem for the Legendre functions of the second kind", [Title]
Dougall, John: "Elementary notes on coordinates, conics and conjugate points", [Possibly the same paper as "Co-ordinates, conics and conjugate points" that was published in the Mathematical Notes, no 23. Part 2 of 2 (Part 1: December, session 43)]
Dougall, John: "On the development of the elementary functions from Vandermonde's theorem", [Title]
Copson, Edward Thomas: "Note on Binet's inverse factorial series for mu(x)"
Various authors: "Mathematical notes", {Communicated by Peter Ramsay}

Cassie, A M
Cunningham, L B C
Macbean, Eve
McIntosh, Jeannie G
Mackenzie, Gladys I
Matson, J
Napier, Margaret M
Moore, A Mildred

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