Meeting of Saturday 4 June 1927

Location: St Andrews

Chair: Turnbull, Herbert Westren

Turnbull, Herbert Westren: "On differentiating a matrix", [Proceedings, Vol. I, Series 2]
Aitken, Alexander Craig: "On the latent roots of matrices", [Proceedings, Vol. I, Series 2]
Saddler, William: "Apolar triads associated with the Nodal Cubic", [Proceedings, Vol. I, Series 2. This paper is marked as "Read 6th May 1927", this is presumably a mistake] {Title in minutes: "Apolar triads of a cubic curve". A paper by this name was read Friday, 5 February 1926 and printed in the same volume of the Proceedings.}
Vaidyanathaswami, R: "A special pencil of binary quartics", [Proceedings, Vol. I, Series 2] {Read by title. This paper is listed as "Read by title" under the March meeting as well.}
Sen, Rabindra Nath: "Infinitesimal analysis of an arc in n-space", [Proceedings, Vol. I, Series 2] {Read by title}

Young, Edith

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