Meeting of Friday 4 March 1927

Location: Mathematical Institute, Edinburgh University

Chair: Turnbull, Herbert Westren

Stewart, C A: "The solution of Cauchy's problem for linear partial differential equations, with constant coefficients, by means of integrals involving complex variables", [Proceedings, Vol. I, Series 2] {Read by title}
Saddler, William: "Apolar triads on a cubic curve", [There is a paper by this name in the Proceedings, Vol. I, Series 2, with subtitle "Read 5th February 1926". A paper by that name was read at that date, this could possibly be an amended version.] {Read by title}
Vaidyanathaswami, R: "A special pencil of binary quartics", [Proceedings, Vol. I, Series 2] {Read by title}
Turnbull, Herbert Westren: "Note on partial fractions and determinants", [Proceedings,Vol. I., Series 2 (with subtitle "Read 4th February 1927")]

Professor Turnbull discussed in his lecture the determinants' connection with partial fractions, and he made some interesting applications of a little known theorem due to Sylvester.
Dr Aitken commented on the paper and showed the great advantage of using a umbral notation for determinants.

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