Meeting of Saturday 2 June 1928

Location: St Andrews

Chair: Saddler, William

Aitken, Alexander Craig: "Note on the elementary divisors of some related determinants", [Proceedings, Vol. I, Series 2] {Title in minutes: "Note on Numerical Integration"}
Steggall, John Edward Aloysius: "On the factorization of 232+ 1", [Not printed in an EMS publication]
Williamson, John: "The complete system of the quadratic complex", [Not printed in an EMS publication]
Turnbull, Herbert Westren: "On matrix equations", [Not printed in an EMS publication]
Nassau, Jason J: "A theorem on bordering symmetrical determinants whose elements are of the form araaas", [Proceedings, Vol. I, Series 2] {Read by title}

Bath, Frederick
Murnaghan, F D

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