Meeting of Friday 5 December 1930

Location: Mathematical Classroom, Glasgow University

Chair: Copson, Edward Thomas

Oppenheim, A: "A problem of Ramanujan", [Not printed in an EMS publication] {This paper was read instead of a paper: "The remainder theorem" by A C Aitken, since the author was unavoidably absent.}
McCrea, W H: "Mass condensations and the size of the universe", [Not printed in an EMS publication]
Turnbull, Herbert Westren: "An elementary note on the determinant of symmetric functions", [Not printed in an EMS publication] {Communicated by E T Copson}
Aitken, Alexander Craig: "The remainder theorem", [Not printed in an EMS publication] {Read by title}
Ruse, H S: "Generalised solutions of Laplace's equation", [Proceedings, Vol. II, Series 2] {Read by title}
Blakey, J: "The Milne quadrics of the trinodal cubic surface, and the contact conics of the harmonic envelope of the plain trinodal quartic", [Proceedings, Vol. II, Series 2] {Read by title}

Rowe, C H
van der Pol, Balth.
Barrett, W
Constable, J B
Philip, E B
Awad, E S
Bakhoom, N G
Bishara, S B
Noble, C A
Colthurst, J Riversdale
Roy, A S
Hope, A E
Lambe, C G
Etherington, I M H
Meksyn, D
Oppenheim, A
Campbell, J T

Professor Whittaker expressed the sorrow at the death of Dr Peter Pinkerton. He paid a tribute to Dr Pinkerton's keen interest in the society.

The meeting began at 6.30 p.m. and closed at 7.50 p.m.

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