Rules 1-9 and rules 15-16 were agreed upon in May 1931. Rules 10-14 were originally proposed with the words “Scottish Mathematical Journal” instead of “Mathematical Notes”. These rules were agreed to, as presented below, in January 1932.

1: The Edinburgh Mathematical Society shall consist of Ordinary and Honorary Members.

2: Every Ordinary Member shall pay on election, and at the beginning of each succeeding session, a contribution of ten shillings to the funds of the Society. But any Ordinary Member may compound for his annual subscriptions by a payment of six guineas in one sum, subject to a reduction of one guinea for the first ten year's membership, and a further reduction of one guinea for each suceeding five year's membership.
Ordinary Members whose annual subscriptions are more than three years in arrears shall be deemed to have resigned from the Society.

3: Candidates for admission as Ordinary Members and persons proposed for election as Honorary Members, shall be nominated at one Ordinary Meeting and voted upon at the next, a majority of at least two-thirds of the Members present being necessary for election. Ordinary Members may be nominated by any member of the Society; but Honorary Members may be nominated by the Committee only, on a proposal subscribed by at least three members of the Society.

4: Ordinary Meetings shall normally be held on the first Friday of November, December, February, March and May; on the third Friday of January, and on the first Friday or Saturday of June. Special meetings may be called by the Secretary, at the direction of the Committee or on a requisition signed by fifteen members. Ten shall form a quorum at Ordinary or Special Meetings.

5: The Office-Bearers shall consist of a President, a Vice-President, a Treasurer, a Secretary, the Editors of the Periodicals, a Librarian, and not more than eight additional Members of Committee. The election of Office-Bearers shall take place at the first Ordinary Meeting of each session. The office of Editor or Librarian may be held in conjunction with any one of the other offices.

6: The Committee shall meet at least four times during each session, the Secretary to be Convener. Five shall form a quorum.

7: The Treasurer shall submit at the first Ordinary Meeting of each session a Financial Statement for the previous session, duly audited by two persons appointed by the Committee.

8: The Secretary shall keep minutes of the meetings of the Society and of the Committee, shall issue notice of meetings to members, and shall conduct all other necessary correspondence.

9: The Librarian shall be responsible for the care of the books in the Library of the Society. All members of the Society shall be entitled to borrow books (postages being paid by the borrower), which shall be returnable on demand after the lapse of a fortnight from the date of issue.

10: The Society shall publish two periodicals, the 'Proceedings of the Edinburgh Mathematical Society' and the 'Mathematical Notes', which shall be issued as frequently as the Committee considers expedient. All members whose subscriptions are not in arrears shall receive one copy free of each issue; but for additional copies they shall be charged at a discount on the published price.

11: There shall be in general two Editors of the 'Proceedings' and one of the 'Mathematical Notes'; but one more Editor for either periodical may be elected at the discretion of the Committee.

12: All members of the Society may submit papers to the Editors for consideration with regard to publication. Papers from non-members shall be accepted for consideration only when communicated by a member.

13: Every paper published in the 'Proceedings' must first have been submitted by the Editors to at least one referee of recognised authority, and reported upon favourably by him. The decision of the Editors on the question of publication shall be final.

14: In general the 'Proceedings 'are intended to contain papers embodying the results of research that is original in matter or in manner; the 'Mathematical Notes' to contain papers in general less specialised, or of pedagogic interest and value, together with records of meetings, obituary and other notices. The question of submitting papers for the Journal to a referee or referees shall be at the discretion of the Editor or Editors.

15: No motion to repeal or alter an existing rule, or to enact a new one, shall be made without notice being given at the preceding ordinary meeting, or carried without the consent of two-thirds of the members present.

16: A simple majority shall decide all questions not otherwise provided for in the Rules, the Chairman having in all cases a deliberative and a casting vote.

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